The Thirst Project


On February 18th, Seth Maxwell, founder of The Thirst Project, presented a unique challenge and opportunity to DATA juniors and seniors.

At 26 years old, Seth has lead the Thirst Project in completing nearly 1,000 water projects, providing large amounts of sustainable fresh water to people in underdeveloped or impoverished nations. Seth brought with him facts and statistics showing the devastating effects that a lack of clean water can have on a community– everything from parasitic infections to AIDS. 

Students sign up to create a Thirst Project organization

More than 300 schools have worked with The Thirst Project, many participating in fundraising projects for provide permanent water wells to communities in need. A major role of The Thirst Project involves raising awareness of this issue that affects nearly 1 billion people worldwide.

Seth Maxwell speaks to DATA juniors and seniors

After hearing from Seth, more than 46 DATA students signed up to form a campus organization that utilizes the skills learned in DATA to raise awareness of this global issue and raise money for new water projects.

Working with The Thirst Project is a unique opportunity for DATA students to use the skills learned in class to create projects that will leave the classroom and have a lasting positive impact in the lives of others.