Gnomon School of Visual Effects

Students pose for a group photo in front of the Science Center before heading home

On February 19th, potential DATA students (50 9th graders and 50 8th graders) toured the Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Hollywood. Students viewed reels of work, toured the campus, observed students work in progress, and learned about the various programs offered by the Gnomon School. Gnomon graduates and current students have worked on countless films and television projects, from blockbusters to smaller independent films. 

Before heading home, students were able to have lunch at the nearby Science Center, home to the Space Shuttle Endeavor. Students were able to explore the museum center and see the shuttle up close.

This was our annual outreach trip, designed to encourage 9th grade students to apply for academy acceptance in their sophomore year, and to show 8th grade students the Arts, Media, and Entertainment career pathway offered exclusively at Cathedral City High School through the DATA program. Previous trips have taken students to schools, studios, and other high-interest locations.

Trips like this not only help students to begin thinking about life and careers after high school, but also how DATA can play a role in achieving whatever their individual goal may be.