Desert Town Hall Speaker Series

Ariana Davis working as a camera operator during the Ling sisters' Q&A session with local high school students

The Desert Town Hall Speaker Series allows valley residents to hear from prominent politicians, government officials, journalists, writers, and more. Over a series of 4 nights each year, speakers address an audience of more than 1,800. Past speakers have included President George W. Bush, Robert Ballard, and Fareed Zakaria.

DATA Junior Bonnie Vo being interviewed by Gitzel Puenta from KMIR 6

In an effort to better connect with teens in the Coachella Valley, guest speakers also participate in the Youth Town Hall program, where they spend an hour speaking only with students from local high schools in a much more intimate and candid environment. Students are able to participate in Q&A sessions with each speaker. 

DATA DS students were charged with the task of archiving each of this season's Youth Town Hall sessions. In years past, Youth Town Hall sessions were not documented, and therefore lost as soon as they finished. 

This opportunity gives DATA students valuable experience working in a professional, formal, and real-world environment, where they are responsible for creating work of true value for a specific audience/purpose.