DATA Studio Day

On April 18th, DATA students were given the opportunity to participate in a live multi-camera studio broadcast workshop hosted by Leanna Bonamici and CV Studios. 

Bonamici and her professional production crew transformed an empty room on cmapus into a working studio, complete with everything from sets and lights to switchers and intercoms. Over the course of 2 workshop sessions, students were trained in specific production areas, including directing, audio, camera, floor directing, set managing, switching, and more. 

After a few practice run throughs, students filmed a short talk show format interview, live to tape with no post production– students had to work collaboratively to call shots, meet timing cues, and produce a well-run show. 

Students were then able to switch positions and gain hands on experience in another production role. All students were treated as working professionals– they were held to the same standards and expectations that would be found on a job site. 

Thank you very much to Leanna Bonamici and CV Studios for helping to orchestrate an awesome experience!