Behind the Blue: Season 2

Jason Bullen (12) and Morgan Holecek (11) run through a script rehearsal for the first episode of Behind the Blue season 2.

Last school year two DATA seniors had an idea for a web show, not as part of the official course curriculum, but as a passion project of their own. Zaira Garcia and Clarissa Cisneros developed "Behind the Blue," a bi-monthly web show distributed online to keep CCHS students up to date with campus events. 

Behind the Blue was well received by students, with Cisneros and Garcia gaining recognition and accolades for their efforts, including the addition of a web series component to the newly written and implemented Advanced Digital Media Production course for DATA DS seniors. 

Before graduation, Cisneros and Garcia wanted to make sure their show didn't end. They searched for DATA students to take on the challenge of continuing the show, and growing it to incorporate new ideas and personalities.  

For its second season, Behind the Blue is expanding. Through collaboration with ASB, DATA students Donielle Gerrell, Jason Bullen, and Morgan Holecek will produce Behind the Blue as a weekly series posted online to our Behind the Blue Vimeo channel as well as broadcast through the campus closed circuit system every Friday. 

Many high school broadcasts are notorious for leaving more than a little to be desired when it comes to content and production values. Using this knowledge to their advantage, Gerrell, Bullen, and Holecek seek to create an intentionally cheesy and fun tone that keeps students entertained while also communicating important information each week.