Filming a Documentary for Desert Arc

On February 25th, 7 DATA DS students spent the day at Desert Arc to complete filming for a short documentary. The goal of the project is to show a typical "day in the life" of Desert Arc, featuring the services offered, client experiences, and events/activities. The documentary will be used by Desert Arc for promotion and awareness campaigns.

Students conduct a bilingual client interview

To ensure a worthwhile learning experience, Mitch Blumberg and Jody Legget of Desert Arc (both of whom have film industry experience) held several pre-production meetings with students on campus, and provided the students with production schedule and call sheet, ensuring that all needed content was included and that all filming was completed on time, creating and a valuable real-world experience for the students involved. 

While working on the documentary, students were able to meet and interact with Desert Arc clients, learning about their many achievements and struggles. Students also earned senior intern hours working with and as arts, media, and entertainment professionals.

Students will continue to work with Desert Arc during post production to ensure a high quality final product and to gain additional learning opportunities throughout the entire production process. Consistent, mutually beneficial partnerships are a critical component to the success of a career technical academy like DATA, and we sincerely appreciate Desert Arc's willingness to work with our students and guide them through the production process.