CCNews App & Promo

Now in its third year, the CCNews smartphone application is again being transformed by DATA DS students. Expanding beyond school and community news stories, DATA DS students are helping to turn CCNews into a powerful platform of expression, and an outlet for student work of all kinds. In the upcoming weeks, students will be working with staff from The Desert Sun to redesign and rebuild CCNews from the ground up to deliver a more content-rich and customizable user experience tailored to the needs of the DATA program and our school community.

In addition to school and community stories, CCNews now features entertaining weekly columns, videos/short films, photos, and more. With nearly 2000 mobile downloads and hundreds of website visits each week (from all around the world!), CCNews allows DATA students to express themselves in a larger community beyond the classroom walls.

Download the CCNews app by searching for "CCNews" in the iTunes App Store or on Google Play.

DATA DS juniors Matt Donez, Jose Bermudez, Ryan Alvarez, Salvador Camino, and Alan Cabrera created a new promo for the 2013-2014 school year.