On the Big Screen During Mayfield Graduation

Seniors Anthony Ramirez and Jacob Janes worked together as the brains behind "Mayfield Cares."

The DATA DS relationship with Mayfield College has been very rewarding. In April, Admissions Advisor Paul Kleinschmidt asked DATA students to write letters to local soldiers deployed overseas. Paul happened to pick up the letters on a day when students were showing and critiquing work in class.

After seeing a mockumentary created by Anthony Ramirez and Jacob Janes, Paul felt that their style would fit perfectly with an idea he had for the upcoming Mayfield graduation.

Anthony and Jacob recruited a crew of Digital Storytelling students to create a short film titled "Mayfield Cares." The film takes a look inside Mayfield College, all from the comedic, yet genuine perspective Paul originally saw in Anthony and Jacob's work.

On July 28, the 15 minute short film was shown to hundreds of people during the Mayfield graduation at Agua Caliente's The Show.

The Digital Storytelling crew was given VIP seating in a private box as they watched their work on screen in front of a massive crowd.

We look forward to many more creative and rewarding collaborations with Mayfield College in the future!

"Mayfield Cares" was shown on two massive screens located on either side of the main stage.